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ICC must arrest Tony Blair – NDC’s Joshua Akambi

Former UK Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair

A leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress in Ghana, Mr. Joshua Akambi is urging the International Criminal Court in the Hague to initiate a process to arrest the former UK Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair for the role he played in the Iraqi war that eventually saw the assassination of the former dictator Mr. Saddam Hussein and massacre of several thousands of innocent citizens in the middle east country.

According to Mr. Joshua Akambi, who happens to be the Deputy National Organiser of the NDC, it is still incomprehensible the former UK leader and the former US President Mr. George Bush are not being prosecuted by the ICC just as other African Presidents whose actions and inactions results in mass murder.

The Ghanaian politician who described the UK leader as a tactical lair said both presidents lied about the former Iraqi leader, Mr. Saddam Hussein’s possession of weapons of mass destruction which turned out to be untrue after an UN backed mission mounted a search for the weapon.

Mr. Tony Blair is currently in Ghana under the invitation of Institute of Economic Affairs and has since interacted with some notable institutions and further pledged his individual support to the West African country.

But the speaking with the Angel in the morning television programme on Wednesday, Mr. Joshua Akambi boldly questioned the moral authority of Mr. Blair offering support after his action has caused deaths of innocent people around the world.

Mr. Joshua Akambi, is the Deputy National Organiser of the NDC

He accused the Prime Minister of the cause of mass poverty and hardships on the African continent adding Africa leaders have still not recovered from the menace of the Iraqi war on their economies.

Mr. Joshua also questioned why the International Criminal Court has not initiated investigations and prosecution of the two leaders saying the same court would have rushed on an African for committing same crime.

He stated, “Honestly, I don’t know what good I can say about him because I am against people who would use tactical lies to achieve what he wants to achieve. I have my doubts about his credibility when it comes to nation building. This man should have been tried by the ICC. If this was done by an Africa leader like Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo you could imagine.  In what capacity is he going to help Ghana as a former Prime Minister. He is nobody”.


Source; Africasell.com

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